Meet Charlie

Charlie Fyffe

Charlie Fyffe is the Founder and Executive Pastry Chef of Charlie’s Brownies.  Originally from Los Angeles, CA, his passion for the kitchen started at a young age, as he was selling home made brownies in high school and was tagged with the nicknames “Charlie Brown” and “Charlie Brownies.” While studying at UC Berkeley, he joined the Baking Club to develop new flavors and variations of his original brownie.  During junior year, he landed a deal with Tully’s Coffee and started supplying brownies on campus to the CAL student body.

After graduating in 2010, Charlie moved back to LA and launched, an online brownie gifting service.



While taking the risk of starting a business at such a young age, Charlie has taken time out to share his passion and the many lessons he’s learned with younger people through motivational speaking all over the country.  One day he aspires to have the number one global brownie brand while helping many people start their own business and live out their dreams.



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